Wild Earth Brewing Company

To those who have been a part of Wild Earth Brewing,

First, I would like to extend a hearty and sincere thank you for supporting our craft and for sharing a beer (or several) with us over the past year. We are both excited and humbled by the overwhelmingly positive response to our beers and brand, and it reinforces for us the notion that people crave quality and creativity - even more so than we could have anticipated! With this encouragement, it has become clear to us that in order to meet the demand for our product we must evaluate our operation and explore new business models that will enable us to grow to meet the level of production our customers are demanding.

To that end, we have decided to close our current operation in Roslyn at the end of December while we investigate our options. This decision does not come easy, but we look forward to sharing the next phase of Wild Earth Brewing with all of you.



Tamarack Belgian Pale Ale

Notable Ingredients: Sorachi Ace Hops, Honey Malt & House Belgian Yeast

5.5% ABV • 35 IBU • 6 SRM

Description: Our flagship beer, brewed much like a American Pale Ale but uses a blend of Sorachi Ace and Cascade hops throughout the boil. The addition of honey malt in the mash lends a nice smooth sweetness as a background for the lemon flavors of the Sorachi Ace hops to come through. Fermented at slightly higher temperatures with our unique house yeast to give this beer a great underlying fruitiness. Regular offering.

Availability: 25.4 Oz Bottle, 1/6th Bbl Keg, 1/2 Bbl Keg

Noble Fir India Pale Ale

Notable Ingredients: Columbus Hops & House Belgian Yeast

6.0% ABV • 55 IBU • 8 SRM

Description: This beer is made to showcase one main ingredient, the hops. A favorite among craft beer drinkers, this India Pale Ale uses a our house yeast and Columbus hops to exemplify this great style of beer. Crafted with a moderate 55 IBU's, most of the hop additions favor the flavor and aromatic properties over a biting bitterness. Regular offering

Availability: 25.4 Oz Bottle, 1/6th Bbl Keg, 1/2 Bbl Keg

Ponderosa Belgian Red Ale

Notable Ingredients: Special B Malt, & House Belgian Yeast

6.5% ABV •  20 IBU • 16 SRM

Description: Rich with Belgian malts and deep red in color, this beer has a pronounced spicy Belgian character with flavors of sweet raisins and tart cherry as well as a balanced bitterness from low doses of noble hops. Regular offering.

Availability: 25.4 Oz Bottle, 1/6th Bbl Keg, 1/2 Bbl Keg

Single Batch Beers

The Single Batch Series of beers is our way of creating specialty one time release beers only available a our taproom for our local customers. These are usually beers that stem from our home brewed 5-gallon recipes that our friends and family have enjoyed over the years of our creative and experimental brewing path. This gives us the chance to share these one time offerings with our customers.

Availability: Taproom Pints & Growlers, (Limited Bottle Supply)

Smoked Ale

4.8% ABV • 23 IBU •  20 SRM

Our Smoked Ale is the first release of the Single Batch series. This brew focuses on using a cherrywood smoked malt to impart a unique background smokiness to a basic brown ale recipe.

Saison Ale

5.5% • 25 IBU • 6 SRM

Just in time for the Summer season, this light easy drinking belgian ale is great for those hot summer days. With spicy flavors derived from the special belgian yeast, and a slight hop bite, this is great thirst quencher after a long hike, bike ride, or just after walking around in Roslyn.

How to Reach Us

200 N. First Street
Roslyn, WA 98941

Tel: (509) 649-2466